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The plea that fell on deaf ears...

2 August
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<< Pandemonium >>

If you have somehow found your way here, then welcome. Add me to your journals as you wish, but please do let me know you have added me in the relevant post on here... It would be appreciated if you did. I do not update or comment that much, but rest assured I do read your journals on a somewhat regular basis.

I play Neopets and can usually be found on the Avatar Chat boards if I am wanted. Heh. I'm a bit of a geek. =P

I've pretty muchly moved on from DDR now and solely play In The Groove up at Weston-super-Mare. I suggest that if you do not play ITG and there is a machine near you, go play on it. It is quite the DDR beater both in terms of arrow patterns and songs. I play generally on Hard and Expert occasionally. I am still shooting for my first ITG 10 on foot though, so wish me luck. =P

<< Slight paranoia never hurt anyone... >>
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